OFFICE: 425.204.7777

CELL: 206-972-7294

PO BOX 78617


Corporate Sponsors to date:

Park for egg hunt children

Back-to-school supplies and toys for children

Summer feeding program for hungry children

Transportation/Trucks to

pick up toys

 Transportation/Bus to pick up the homeless in downtown Seattle in pioneer square for holiday outreach events

Rainier Beach Community Facility for

outreach events

Vehicle Donation

Back Packs & School Supplies

for children

Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Toys for children

Toys for children

Food families or individuals in

need and shoes for children

Shoes for children

Food outreach events

 Food for families that has a shelter or homeless and living on the street

Food for outreach events

Printing for outreach events

 Food for outreach events

Snohomish County Christian School

 Transportation/Buses to transport  the homeless in downtown Seattle Pioneer Square to receive

a hot meal


 Coats, sweat suits and hats to provide warmth for the homeless teens and children on the streets of  Downtown Seattle Pioneer Square and the inner-city Seattle

 Printing for outreach events

Graphic designs

Jack Roberts Appliances

Freezers for food storage and a bus to transport  people

 Edmonds School District/Lynnwood High School

Grocery Bags


Food Drive for Thanksgiving

In Renton on Grady Way

Tires for Outreach Vehicle